Green Woman Detail - Version 2

“Art is life - go make art! I’m convinced that everyone can make art. Being creative is not the gift of a few - we’re all born with the ability to create (look at your night-time dreams). Here you’ll find my art and the process I used to make it - and hints for making your own. Life is short. If you’ve ever felt the urge to make something, why not now?” ~ Kathryn Taylor

Welcome to the legacy of the art and work of Kathryn Taylor. Kathryn passed away on the Full Moon, early the morning of the first day of the year 2018. She had been battling a variety of health problems and a blood infection finally took her life. A Northern California artist and writer, at the age of 54 she decided to find out if she could make art. She had always dabbled in crafts and photography but the “holy grail” (at least to her) of being able to draw accurately was off the table. She was convinced she could never do that.

Here is her story in her own words:

Like so many people in their mid-fifties I saw that for the first time in my life I had less time ahead of me than behind me and it was time to get on with doing the things I thought were beyond my abilities.

I was certainly full of doubt and anxious not to fail, but the need to try this path was stronger than both doubt and fear. Really, what did I have to lose? One of the gifts of aging is that increasingly you do what you love and let the rest go. The question “why not now” kept arising and I never had an answer that seemed as satisfying as just giving it a try.

In the “Creative Process” section I say more about how I jumped into the deep end - and what I did might help you to do the same. In “Process Painting” and “Prisma Pictures” you’ll find some images of my art.